Olive Oil

Our oil is Extra Virgin, the highest quality, and the product of a cold, first pressing of the fruit. The oil is entirely natural, with a free fatty acid level measured as oleic acid of less than 0.8% (NZ 0.5%) and a peroxide value of less than 20mEq per kg (NZ 15), criteria that are set by the International Olive Council in Madrid.

The oil meets the rigorous certification standards of Olives New Zealand for chemical and sensory analysis and the bottles carry the red OliveMark seal, guaranteeing the oil is true to its label. Extra virgin olive oil has no preservatives or other additives.

Our Tuscan blend comprises Frantoio, self pollinating and the primary olive planted in Italy, Leccino, Italy's second most important cultivar, and its pollinator Pendolino, grown throughout central Italy and the hills immediately surrounding Florence.

Oil from Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino, when blended together, is characterised by fresh grassy flavours and a peppery finish, flavours evocative of Tuscany.

We were delighted that at the 2012 ONZ awards dinner the chefs chose to use our Tuscan blend. This oil is superb on salads or drizzled over vegetables. It is perfect in hummus or combined with coriander, lemon and garlic as a piquant pesto. Use grassy Frantoio/Leccino when frying whitebait fritters - mouthwatering.

Barnea, an Israeli cultivar has fruit that resembles and was developed from, the Kalamata variety. Barnea is blended with its pollinator, Manzanillo, a Spanish cultivar, to produce a golden, fruity oil with tones of spice and a light peppery finish.

Our Barnea blend is ideal with fish, over salads or as a substitute for butter when baking. Try it in a spicy apple cake or an orange syrup cake.